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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an owner?

An OWNER is a person to whom the funds are owed.

What is a holder?

A HOLDER is a company that reports and remits unclaimed property to the State of Arkansas.

What is Unclaimed Property?

Each year, businesses and government agencies, also known as “holders,” report millions of dollars to the Auditor of State’s office. Then the Auditor of State’s office diligently tries to reunite owners with their lost assets. Unclaimed property includes, but is not limited to, savings and checking accounts, unpaid wages or commissions, stocks, bonds, utility deposits, insurance proceeds, cashier’s checks, money orders, and contents of safe deposit boxes.

Who may claim unclaimed property? 

The owner, estate, or lawful heir of the property may file a claim.

Is there a charge or fee to claim unclaimed property?


Do I have Unclaimed Property?

The fastest and most efficient way to check to see if you have unclaimed property is to search our database at ClaimItAR.com.

How do I claim my property? 
Most claims may be filed electronically at ClaimItAR.com. You may also call 1-800-CLAIMIT (1-800-252-4648) to have an Unclaimed Property Representative help you file your claim.

How long does it take to process claims?

Processing your claim may take up to 90 days. Processing time varies depending on the complexity of the claim and our office’s claim volume.

Why doesn’t the property “Results” list include dollar amounts?

To protect the privacy of the owners, we do not publish exact dollar amounts, only amount ranges. The amount will be listed on the claim form once the claim has been filed.

How do I check the status of my claim?

Our goal is to expedite all claims and return property to rightful owners. Check the status of your claim here: https://claimitar.com/app/claim-status-search.

How and when will I receive my unclaimed money?

We process checks once a week and they are typically mailed on Fridays via USPS. We do not offer same-day checks. Check with your local post office on delivery times to your area from Little Rock, Ark.

Does your office offer direct deposit?

No, currently we do not offer direct deposit.

What information should I have ready before I call the office about a claim I have started?

Your claim number, which is in the top righthand corner under a barcode, or the Property ID, which is in the property detail section of the claim form.

What do I send in with a claim form?

There are several types of claims that can be filed (e.g., owner, heir, business, etc.). Each requires different documentation. However, every claim will require a copy of a government-issued identification and a Social Security Number or Federal Employer Identification Number. Additional proof of ownership may be required in some cases. Some examples include proof of a previous address or verification from the holder.

What if my claim does not meet all your requirements?

You will be notified by email, letter, or phone call. If it is determined that you are not the rightful owner, your claim will be denied and you will be notified through one of the avenues listed above.

May I come to your office to start a claim or to bring documents for verification?

Due to security concerns, we are currently unable to take walk-in claim information. The best way to contact us about your claim is by email at claimit@auditor.ar.gov or phone at 1-800-CLAIMIT (1-800-252-4648).

Does the claim form have to be notarized?

You must provide a notarized claim form only if the value of your claim is $1,000 or more, contains shares of stock or contents of safety deposit boxes.

Can I E-Sign?

Only single owner claims that are under $5,000 and do not include shares of stock, safekeeping or royalties qualify to E-Sign. Any other claims will require a completed claim form along with the supporting documentation.

How do I provide proof of a name change?

A copy of a marriage certificate or a court document showing the name change is sufficient.

How long do I have to file a claim?

There is no time limit for filing claims. The Auditor of the State’s office keeps Unclaimed Property for the rightful owners forever.

What if my claim goes inactive?

It is okay. You may restart your claim at any time.

What if the property is listed in the name of a deceased relative?

Legal heirs (beneficiaries, spouses, children, etc.) are entitled to claim the property of a deceased relative. We require certain documents to prove heirship (e.g., probated will or affidavit of heirship).

What if I lived in another state? How do I check for unclaimed property there?

Visit MissingMoney.com. This is a single website that allows you to search for and claim property that is being held in 48 participating states. NOTE: When checking the national site for unclaimed property, please remember that while a name may match yours, you must have lived in that state to have unclaimed property in that state.

What should I do if someone offers to help me locate unclaimed money for a fee? 
Our unclaimed property representatives will assist you in claiming your property free of charge. Contact our office by calling 1-800-CLAIMIT (1-800-252-4648).